Womb healing exercises

Womb healing is a term which is relatively new but has started gaining popularity over the years, especially with the increase in Complementary and Alternative medicine (CAM) practices worldwide.

Used in this context, the ‘spiritists’ describe the womb as beyond the physical organ or uterus possessed by women. It encompasses the entire energetic space of that region. It is the center of feminine power and energy This is where energetic imprints of past relationships, lovers, emotional memories, and trauma are often stored. The womb is also the seat of deep wisdom and the creative power center which births new life and/or new ideas into the world. The birth may be a new baby, new project, or inspiration to materialize a new idea. Energetically, the womb is believed to help  shed the toxins or negative experiences experienced by the woman once a month during her menstrual cycle. Womb healing is not limited to biological females only, it is also offered for males, especially men who identify as women and feel a connection to their ‘womb’.

What are womb wounds?

Spiritists believe that several unpleasant experiences in life especially related to the female sex can be classified as womb wounds. These wounds include: an emotionally, physically or unwelcoming womb during child/birth or pregnancy, traumatic childbirth experiences, abortion, attempted abortion or pregnancy loss, difficult labor and delivery, divorce or separation, and physical, sexual or emotional violent and assault. Emotional issues like grief due to loss of parent, and abandonment issues, also qualify as womb trauma.

What is the importance of womb healing?

  • Practitioners of womb healing believe that womb healing restores the connection to one’s central energy and healing this connection can help to lead a more empowered life.
  • They also believe it helps women who have experienced birth or sexual trauma, to find their feminine flow or awaken their sexual energy.
  • Womb healing is also believed to restore the mind- body disconnection from one’s sexual power, sensuality and/or sexual expression, often caused by a mostly sexual or childbirth related traumatic experience.
  • Womb healing also acts as a form of sex therapy for some women especially people with performance anxiety, or post-partum sexual issues.
  • Womb healing is also believed to help in ameliorating symptoms related to the menstrual cycle like painful periods and excessive bleeding.
  • Practitioners of womb healing also claim it has beneficial effects for improvement of fertility in women.

Does womb healing work?

While so many claims have been made by practitioners of womb healing, just like other aspects of alternative medicine, there is little or no scientific proof that these practices help in curing physical ailments. However, they include behavioral therapy and psychological interventions which may offer some psychological benefit, especially for women with body image issues; women who have been victims if any form of sexual abuse, women suffering from sexual frigidity, and post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of a sexual related event.

What are the womb healing exercises?

There is no standard womb healing exercise. Womb healing exercises vary and includes a combination of various alternative medical practices to achieve the aim of reconnection with the womb and energizing the womb.

These practices include:

Meditation: There are several meditation practices to reconnect with the womb. It often involves placing the hands over the lower abdomen or position of the womb. The front of the pelvis, is believed to be the location of the ‘second chakra’ or the ‘sacral chakra’, the energy center of sexuality, desire, playfulness, creativity, and joy. It may also involve visualizing and writing a letter to the womb in an attempt to reconnect with the womb.

Womb massage: This is believed to improve blood circulation and eases pre-menstrual syndrome and menstrual pain. The massage is also believed to send care and energy to the area to promote overall wellness and connection with the feminine, especially if the energy levels are low.

Breast massage: Breast massage is purported to help lymphatic drainage, as well as provide lifting and firming effects.

 Restorative Yoga: This involves several postures, and meditations that stretches the abdomen and pelvis area, it is said to help to alleviate menstrual discomfort and pre-menstrual syndrome symptoms, when the uterus is deemed to be larger than normal, and needs more space. This posture is thought to also alleviate anxiety, and to be a well-known energy builder. It also is a cardio posture, and opens up the heart, helping the lungs in breathing.

Crystal Healing: Here different crystals are used in meditation and womb healing exercises. Many crystals are used but the most popular for womb healing are moonstone, carnelian, reg garnet, green aventurine , and rose quartz.

Other exercises for womb healing also combine spiritual ceremonies, sound Baths, and self-care planning.

If you are a believer in alternative medicine and want to try this out, you can easily look up the womb exercise centers around you. However, if you have physical and psychological issues related to the female reproductive system, please book an appointment with your doctor who may refer you to a gynecologist or psychotherapist.

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