Is a hairy penis normal?

While it is accepted that there are variations in sizes of different penises, there is a sub-group of men who are often confused about their penis and wonder if anything is wrong with them, these are men with hair on the penis.

Normally with the onset of puberty, hair grows on the groin and base of the penis, however, for some men the hair grows beyond the base of the penis and some sparse hair is seen on the shaft of the penis. It may extend towards the tip sometimes. The question has often been asked if this is normal

Why is there hair on the male penis?

During puberty in men, there is an increase in hormones called androgens. These stimulate axillary and pubic hair. These androgens also stimulate the growth of hair in other parts of the body, including the beards. The skin of the pubic region including the scrotum and inner thighs in response to androgens produce thicker and rougher, often curlier, hair with a faster growth rate. This hair is initially sparse at first but later becomes more abundant as the human male gets older. This will continue until the characteristic pubic male hair distribution is attained. In a normal male, this hair is distributed from below the umbilicus or belly button, down to the public or groin area, base of the penis, with a little extending to the scrotal skin, skin of the inner thighs, and the shaft of the penis.

The pubic hair serves to protect the delicate skin of the pubic area. It acts like a protective buffer, reducing friction during sex and it may also keep the genitals warm, a contributory factor in sexual arousal.

Also just like eyelashes or nose hair, the pubic hair also has a protective function as its follicles produces sebum which stops growth of harmful microorganisms. It also serves to trap dirt or debris and prevent them from causing disease.  

Is a hairy penis normal?

A hairy penis is totally normal in an adult human male. While it doesn’t happen in everybody, its presence in some people have no special meaning. It does not affect sexual pleasure in any way, neither does it have any effect on how long a man can last during sex.

Does hairy problem cause issues for men?

A hairy penis, while being normal can make some men feel ‘abnormal’. This is probably because the societal standard of a man’s penis seen in most media (like pornographic sites) do not have hair and so any deviation is seen as abnormal. These models or actors may have also shaved off their penile hair!

Psychological issues arising from hairy penis, if any may be part of a broader complex about the genitals, and should be handled by a psychiatrist.

How to take care of a hairy penis

As long as one maintains a good level of personal hygiene by regularly washing the genital area with soap and clean water, there is no need for special care for the hairy penis. However, based on individual preferences, the hair on the penis can either be shaved, trimmed, or waxed, in a process called grooming.

A study reported that most men (87%) groom hair on their penile shaft and the commonest reasons given were for preparation for sexual activity (including oral sex) , preference of partner, hygiene, curiosity, personal satisfaction, and routine care. Younger men were also more likely to shave off their pubic hair.

Whatever your reason, if you want to groom your pubic hair, including your hairy penis, careful to avoid grooming injuries like cuts, rashes, and burns. If not done properly, pubic hair grooming can also lead to infections.

So if you have a hairy penis, do not be worried, you are perfectly normal and your sexual function is not in any way affected.