The health of each member of the family must be seen as a whole , it is useless for one of the members to take care of themselves if not all of them do.

We must establish a joint family health plan , a series of guidelines at home and outside of it that all members adhere to, whatever their age.

Health is not only the absence of diseases, but a complete state of well-being , which we can favor by applying numerous measures that are in our power, such as those that we will discuss below.

Family health care allows people in the family to implement strategies to promote health and prevent disease, make decisions for self-care, habits and healthy lifestyles.


When we have young children, for example, many times they bring illnesses from other children home and the whole family unit ends up sick. Or even right now, if a teen doesn’t take care of her health when she leaves home, she can bring viruses into the family unit and end up making the whole family sick.

For this reason, from fatherhood and motherhood, we must work together on the health of the whole family . It is not enough for adults to do a lot of exercise and take care of their diet if we do not take care that the little ones at home do it too.

In the same way, if we strive for our children to lead a healthy life, but we do not lead by example and weaken our immune system, they can suffer the consequences.


Now we will see some guidelines that we can follow so that our family has a health of 10.


We must take care that the whole family follows the health recommendations for protection against viruses . Some of these recommendations that we have now have always existed, since viruses have always been present, although in different forms.

Something as simple as covering our mouths when coughing or sneezing or washing our hands has always been a standard of conduct or good manners, but we did not realize how important it really was.


In the care of the family one of the key aspects and in which we first think is food, eating a balanced diet is clearly essential.

healthy diet is not only eating a lot of fruit and vegetables, but also cooking food in such a way that it retains all the vitamins and nutritional properties it needs. For example, if we cook vegetables for too long or do it with too much water, they lose their nutritional properties. Thus we see that it is not only important to eat a lot of vegetables, but also to do it in the right way.

Healthy cooking is just as important as eating healthy foods . Battering or breading should not be abused, nor cooking a lot in the fryer or with high doses of oil. Nor should industrial pastries, fried foods, or sauces be common on a day-to-day basis.

Plan your holiday eating so you don’t have to go back to your healthy habits after the holidays .


Sport must be understood as a habit of healthy family life , that is, it is not enough for one of the family members to go to the gym, the most interesting thing is that sport is established as the center of family life. For example, you can search for family sports activities, of course depending on the ages and type of family.

Sport can be an adventure and it is a way of building a team at home. Plans such as playing a game of paddle tennis with the family, skiing or going to the pool together, playing football or basketball or simply dancing for a while at home can be a lot of fun.


Encouraging reading in children from a young age is very important to exercise their intellect and make them have their own ideas, imagination and tools to face life in a mature way. But if it is not a habit in the adults of the house, they must lead by example so that it is established as something of interest to the rest. You can also read as a family or find a moment to tell what you have read to the rest.

Reading allows us to expand our world, discover information about topics that interest us, travel to other places or times and learn about different ways of life, so it is a very beneficial activity. In addition, it also allows to develop attention and communication skills, especially in children.


Today we are totally immersed in screens, not only on mobile phones and computers, but also on tablets, consoles… We must find a moment every day when, without any screen in front of us, we can talk as a family about our things and tell each other what such is the day.

An ideal time is dinner, with cell phones off the table and the TV off . This keeps the family healthier mentally and united as we feel more loved when we see that we are heard.


In these moments in which we are so lacking in affection and human contact, shows of affection in the family sphere are especially important .

There are many ways to show affection, and one of the most important is hugs . It is proven that hugs help reduce anxiety and, without a doubt, that they also make us feel very good. We must not forget to give a big hug every day to our family. It is about getting to know our loved ones well and showing them that we are there.

Some people aren’t big on hugs, but even if they don’t show it, there are times when they need it.


Completely changing our way of life is not necessary to lead a healthy life, it is enough to make small changes to gradually transform our way of acting.

Little things like making the bed every morning help us establish a series of small challenges that help us improve ourselves every day. For a teenager, for example, the habit of making her bed helps her start doing something for herself, autonomously and independently, it will be the first action of the day carried out and overcome every morning.


Other healthy habits that you can follow can be:

Take a walk to go for the plan together.

Go down or up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

Keep the house clean and tidy.

Reduce salt intake in meals.

Drink plenty of water before and between meals.

Replace soft drinks with water.

Do a little mindfulness before going to bed.

Leave the mobile phone away at dinner time or while we play with the family.

Fight anxiety and stress .

And of course  don’t forget to smile .

Some simple habits like these can help us take care of the family by leading a healthier life.


In addition to leading healthy lifestyles by all members of the family, it is also very important to carry out regular medical check-ups, which are essential to detect and treat possible health problems early.

At each moment of the evolution of the family you will need different medical coverage , at the time of pregnancy, when children are growing and various pathologies arise, at puberty, in adults when menopause arrives or at the equivalent age in man . Families and their members grow and their needs change.

At all times it is necessary to have insurance to help you prevent and treat possible illnesses of yourself and your loved ones.